Intramax Review | The Top Reasons Doctors Promote IntraMAX

What is IntraMAX

IntraMAXis a 100% organic liquid microcomplexed™ trace mineral supplement, plus an all-in-one multivitamin and much more.

It contains 70+ trace minerals along with other health promoting “super foods” which totals more than 415+ essential organic microcomplexed™ nutrients in each bottle.

“IntraMAXis the most scientifically advanced, clinically proven, health promoting organic nutritional supplement available today!”

What makes intraMAXso unique?
After 15 years of dedicated research, intraMAXis the ONLY product of its kind in the marketplace with 70+ 100% organic microcomplexed trace minerals. Fulvic acid, metalo-enzymes and proprietary intraCELL V Technology provides virtually 100% absorption and utilization in every dose of intraMAX. 

The top reasons doctors believe in intraMAX

intraMAX contains over 415+ nutrients ALL-IN-ONE
•     Replaces ALL other supplements
•     Provides Optimum Daily Allowance (O.D.A.) of all essential nutrients
•     Maximizes energy, strength, stamina, and vitality
•     Helps fight off colds, flus, allergies, and disease
•     Boosts immune system and balances the body
•     Reduces scars, maintains skin moisture, and tightens skin
•     reduces “free-radical” damage for anti-aging
•     promotes healthy blood and bones
•     removes heavy metals and harmful toxins
•     naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal
•     improves concentration and memory span

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IntraMAX does NOT contain: preservatives, colloids, fat, cholesterol, wheat, gluten, caffeine, corn, yeast, rice flour, peanuts, nuts, soy, dairy, fish or fish oil, animal products, artificial additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics (drugs), chemicals, starch, binders, coatings, excipients, or flow agents.

IntraMAX contains over 415+ nutrients ALL-IN-ONE
•     70+, 100% organic microcomplexed™ trace minerals (full spectrum)
•     proprietary organic "carbon-bond" intraCELL  V Technology
•     124 antioxidants ("free radical" scavengers / anti-aging)
•     40 amino acids ("building blocks" of protein)
•     carbon (living), 100% organic (144,500 mg/l)
•     7 essential fatty acids (EFA) - omega 3, 6 & 9
•     oxygen - 427 mg/l (dissolved & stabilized)
•     14 digestive enzymes (pure plant derived)
•     43 super green foods & phytonutrients
•     54 herbs (adaptogenic & supportive)
•     39 bach flowers (organically bound)
•     38 essential oils (organically bound)
•     64 vitamins and nutrients (essential)
•     19 macro minerals (100% organic)
•     23 vegetables (antioxidant rich)
•     65 electrolytes (100% organic)
•     aloe vera (organically bound)
•     8 protein mineral nutrients
•     30 fruits (antioxidant rich)
•     silver (organically bound)
•     13 probiotics (non-dairy)
•     noni (organically bound)
•     11 carotenoids (mixed)
•     25 fibers (all natural)
•     ultra hypoallergenic
•     11 optimum seeds
•     110 bioflavonoids
•     fulvic acid (9.2%)
•     100% drug free
•     NO additives
•     100% natural
•     100% vegan

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Intramax Testimonials & Reviews | Honest Customer Feedback on IntraMAX

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IntraMAX Juice Vitamin Reviews & Testimonials

Here is some recent feedback from our IntraMAX customers:

As the mother of 5 year old twin boys, I need all the energy I can get.  Since I have been using intraMAX, I no longer have the 3:00 p.m. burnout.  I feel like I can keep on going with everyone’s activities.  In my workouts, I have found with intraMAX that I work out longer and harder and all around feel more healthy.

- Lisa Brummer

My hair has been all silver since my 30’s (20 years ago). After taking intraMAX for about 6 months, I noticed that the new growth was coming in black. One of my friends comments that each time she sees me; my hair has more black than the time before. Amazing!

- Bonnie Richard

"I am very chemically sensitive and have been for years. I started intraMAX, December 11, 2005. I am very sensitive to candles, scented or unscented; not lit. Usually if I was exposed to one candle for an hour or less I would have to throw out my clothes as I would be so sick from the scent.  In late January, 2006, I was at a house that had at least 10 candles. I stayed there for over four hours, and was able to come home and still tolerate the scent on my clothing! For me that is unbelievable progress!! I intend to keep taking this amazing product and hopefully be better in no time! "

– Kim MacManus

"intraMAX has changed my life.   I started on intraMIN in mid Nov. 2005. Within a few days I felt different. I had more pep in my step and wanted to be awake. Dec. 2005, was when I got put on intraMAX and the changes became more evident to me and all those around me. I have tons of energy to play with my daughter, and I actually keep up with her. I also have made it through a cold and flu season, with my 4 yr old, without catching anything. I have so many good things to say about your products, but most of all thank you so much for them and your knowledge. It has changed my life so much for the better. "

– Amy Pennington

“I have been using intraMAX and the results have been excellent.  I continue to have substantial improvement in the quality of my life.  I also have not had a cold or the flu in almost four years.”

– Mel Renfro
Former Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall of Famer

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“I have found that intraMAX is the finest product I have distributed from my office.  atients attest to its taste, absorbability and benefits.  There is a rapid recovery of well being and a desire to continue this product to maintain health.”

– Dr. Charles R. Hamel, M.D.
Diplomate American Board of Otolaryngology

”My patients say they love intraMAX because it gives them so much energy and stamina throughout their workouts.  Not only do they love the taste, but they like the idea of getting their minerals, vitamins, and amino acids all in one cap-full.”

– Terri Hastings
Therapeutic Techniques

“I have been running marathons for 8 years now.  Once I started taking intraMAX, my training times had improved significantly.  The last marathon I ran, I improved my time by 36 minutes.  I have more energy, stamina, and am virtually pain free after my workouts. I’m excited to keep taking intraMAX and see how fast my next marathon will be.”

– Angelica Placencia

“I use intraMAX as the exclusive all-in-one nutritional supplement for my patients regardless of their age. It has everything they need and want.  They are thrilled to no longer have to take a handful of pills; that goes for me and my wife, too!”

– Dr. Joe Fawcett
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

“Thank you, Dr. Drucker, for developing an outstanding whole foods nutritional product. I’ve been taking intraMAX now for over 8 months along with several other family members.  The results have been outstanding for all of us.  For the past 25 plus years I’ve personally been involved in whole foods nutritional support and never before have I witnessed the positive results from taking intraMAX.  The best part has been that it’s easy to take and you know you’re getting everything you need in one easy capful.  Thank you again and I couldn’t imagine not having my daily dose of intraMAX.”

– Karen Klatt

“This will be my second bottle of intraMAX™.  Both my daughter (16) and I are taking it. Since taking intraMAX™, she is much happier, and can focus better at school.  She went off the intraMAX™ for 4 days, and there was a noticeable difference in mood and ability to concentrate, she’s back on it now*.”  (*intraMAX has not been tested as a mood enhancer, and Drucker Labs makes no claims to this effect).

– Karen Hrank

“I have been looking for liquid minerals for a while that contain a multitude of the uncommon minerals that are not found in the regular multiple mineral capsules.  I was happy to find Drucker Labs liquid multiple minerals. They are specifically formulated with fulvic acids, derived from the decomposition of plant tissues in soil.  This uniquely makes the minerals highly soluble in a wide range of pH’s, transporting minerals into our tissues, whether alkaline or acidic.  I feel these trace minerals have unappreciated magical roles to play in the body.”

[This is an excerpt from Dr. Rogers' newsletter, "Total Wellness", in which she highly recommends a few suppliers of all natural products.  She refers to the benefits of intraMIN™ eight times in her latest book, "The High Blood Pressure Hoax".]

– Sherry Rogers, M.D.
International Expert in Environmental Medicine

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 “I’ve tried Mannatech, Advocare, you name it, but when I went on intraMAX, wow!  What a difference in such a short amount of time.  I have energy that wasn’t there before.  I love the peach-mango flavor.  I give it to my kids, too.  I’ve noticed they seem to be "focused" and more attentive.  I’m telling everyone about intraMAX “  (*intraMAX has not been studied or proven to improve mental focus, and Drucker Labs makes no such claims.)

– Linda Wilson

“I consider intraMAX the quintessential liquid nutritional supplement.  Besides being great tasting, it gives each of my patients a balanced energized feeling of well being.  I am very impressed with the quality and the incredible research that has gone into this unique elixir.  I encourage the use of this excellent tonic.  I use this myself and will keep doing so.  Dr. Drucker has produced a winner!”

– Jerry Schwartz, N.D.

“I just found out that I’m pregnant again after trying to conceive for 23 months.  My son was born in February 2004, after trying for a long time, also. So after I was pregnant I started taking intraMAX about 2 months ago and I got the great news that without any drugs at all, I’m going to be a mommy again!  I will take the intraMAX during my pregnancy as it is the greater alternative to those disgusting pre-natal vitamins.”

– Suzanne Krok

“Thank you for all the good information on how to take intraMAX the most effective way.  I have been taking intraMAX for about two years, and have found it to have given me substantial increased energy and endurance.  It is a great product and very easy to administer with little effort.”

– Lawrence Zalis

“I am so extremely grateful for your development of intraMAX.  Since beginning intraMAX, I am feeling wonderful and have more energy than I have had in the past ten years.  I have a new physical sense of well-being concerning my health.”

“In August of ’95 I launched an urgent search for the best anti-oxidants and began to feed my body with the maximum daily recommendations of every vitamin and mineral known to man.  I read two dozen books on nutrition.  My goal was to find the finest organic and digestible supplements available.  The cost of these products was killing our budget but I was well loved at health food stores.  Since that time, I have been on a quest for the perfect dietary supplement.”

“One day on a flight, an occupational nutritionist suggested that I take concentrated fruits and vegetables.  I basically followed her advice until I was told about your product, intraMAX.  I can never thank Dr. Joe enough for recommending it.  The more I learn about your years of deep committed research; your constant quest for the very best ingredients and the processes that you have developed to deliver these nutrients in perfect and digestible form to my body…the more I appreciate you.”

“Thank you for your commitment to my health and the health of people everywhere.  I appreciate you keeping your prices so reasonable.  I am grateful for you taking the pursuit and hassle out of my personal search for what my body “might need”.  I appreciate you removing the guess work and ridiculous experiments from my quest for health and physical well-being.”

“I thank you for developing intraMAX. What a product! What a gift of health!!! “

In deep appreciation,

– Bob C. Ross

“intraMAX has changed my life!  As a fitness and nutrition fanatic, I am always looking for ways to improve my overall health.  As a result of taking intraMAX daily, I noticed significant fitness improvements.  Specifically, using heart rate training methods, my cardio fitness level improved dramatically.  My AB (Aerobic Base) increased by at least 10 points and my AT (Anaerobic Threshold) increased by 5 points.  This can be attributed solely to addition of intraMAX to my routine, since I changed no other variables.  Tremendous side benefits for me include increased energy and health.  Bravo, Drucker Labs. I am such a believer that I went to work for the company.”

– Brenda Stoner
President, Drucker Labs

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Intramax Review | What Is Intramax?

What Is IntraMAX??


IntraMAX is a 100% organic liquid vitamin and mineral supplement containing 415 nutrients.

It is 100% natural flavored Organic Homeostatic Soil-based microcomplexes™ are derived from 100% organic plant sources and thus are ultra dissolved, organically complexed trace minerals.

It is a nutrient rich defense against illness and disease.

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